Saturday, December 10, 2016

Briar Rose

Zzz... Oh, hey there! In light of our quest to find the perfect and perfectly amazing gifts for this season of giving and also of one of our previous posts, which talks about something along those lines, we'd like to show you something we thought you could add to the list — PJs! Honestly and personally, sleepwear can be just about the cutest gifts you can give! The trick is to buy something you know the person will use, but won't necessarily buy themselves; and how often have we caught ourselves eyeing a pretty lacy set and actually contemplating on whether to get it or not? Not often, we'd say. And how often have we caught ourselves wishing we had cuter pajamas to show off during sleepovers and even just when it's just shuteye time? Pretty much all the time, we're guessing. This is where the truly gifted gift-givers always succeed, but for us mere mortals, even the thought of shopping for that person gives us hives.

Because we've heard a lot of great feedback from our previous post about pajamas, we're back to give you more PJ love! On this cold December weather, there's nothing better than relaxing in a cozy pair of PJs. That's one of the many reasons they make the perfect holiday gift. Pajamas are something people always need but don't necessarily buy for themselves.

The tough part now is actually knowing where to buy amazing sets without breaking the bank! Private Storey's definitely got our backs...and our banks from breaking! We are loving all our PJ sets from Private Storey, and we're loving every single one in their collections! Private Storey sells sets of sleepwear, complete with usually a top, a pair of shorts, and a matching robe! Each one is made of Charmeuse Silk and has such pretty details; we're sure you'll be able to find fitting designs for each personality, but you better hurry because limited stocks are available for every design! They're not your ordinary pajamas, like some with the cartoon characters and animals. They're definitely chic and stylish, that you can even wear out! Modern sleepwear sets for the modern woman because you gotta look fab even when you're about to go to bed! And they arrive to you with packaging that absolutely fits the title of a gift, what with that pristine white box with the robe's belt tied to a perfect bow!

Also, their products are all designed and made in the Philippines! Be proud and support locally made products! Yay! Each set ranges from 1,200 - 1,600 PHP only!

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We hope you liked today's post and that you're having a very merry Christmas!

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