Friday, February 17, 2017

Happy Skin Festival of Colors

What comes first to mind when you suddenly have the need to buy or restock on your skin care and makeup? We Filipinos have this colonial mentality, guilty, and want all things foreign. It may seem that foreign brands are more trusted than those products made locally. Well, we think it's time to change our habits and support homegrown brands. 

Which brand are we talking about? It's the cute-and-happy-looking one you see and you just feel in such a positive mood — Happy Skin Cosmetics! With their cute packaging, affordable pricing, and skin-friendly products, what more could one ask for? Happy Skin just recently launched two collections: (1) Festival of Colors summer collection and (2) Catch the Sun suncare line. Here are some of their new products we tested for you guys!

The Festival of Colors collection gives you the power to transform your look, whether it's using lipstick, eyeliner, or contour and highlight stick. It's all about you making you who you are. 


This is definitely one of the largest oil blotting sheet we have seen! It's perfect for all the girls out there who have oily skin! Just one sheet is enough for your face! What we love about it is that it contains powder which means less retouch is needed. It is also sturdy unlike other oil blotting sheets. We don't know if you girls can relate but have you ever experienced your oil blotting sheet being ripped apart because the sheet absorbed too much oil or you rubbed it to hard? If that's a yes, then maybe you need this!

Air Touch Sponge 
₱ 499.00

Concealers are definitely included in every girl's makeup bag whether a pro or a beginner. There are many types of concealers already being sold in the market, but what makes this concealer unique is that it highlights points of your face like the under eye area, nose bridge, forehead, and chin, which is a trend right now. Koreans highlight their eye bags instead of concealing it. This concealer doesn't completely conceal your under eyes, but it gives highlight to the area.

We know that when it comes to sponges you would opt to buy the ones from Beauty Blender or Real Techniques, but we think you should definitely give this one a try! It is a three-way blending too that is designed to reach the hard-to-reach areas like the side of your nose, to blend the whole face, and to also be used with your concealer for the under eye area. It's time to dispose of your old sponges and switch to this one. Oh, don't forget to dispose your sponges when you have been using it for more than three months!

Catch the Sun is the first ever suncare line of Happy Skin! It comes with two types of sunscreen: cream based and water-based. These are not your typical sticky sunscreens as they give you that feeling of ease whenever you apply them on.


Sometimes we think sunscreen is not important on those days when it's cloudy or rainy. Sometimes we think only those who have fair skin should put on sunscreen, but even those who have darker skin need SPF! Most of you may be guilty of not including sunscreen in your morning skincare routine, which we are also guilty of. But who could we blame if most sunscreens feel heavy on the skin and makes us look oily and sweaty. For us, this sunscreen is the best invention ever! When sprayed on the face, it feels light and refreshing like a facial mist. Don't you have those days when you forget to put sunscreen but then you already did your makeup? This UV Mist is designed to adapt to your skin without melting the makeup you had done meticulously. What we love about this product is that it doubles as a makeup setting spray and sunscreen at the same time! This product is the perfect solution to your problem since you can you use it over and under your makeup. 

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