Friday, February 24, 2017

No Rules, Just Style

Want to give your place an Instagram-worthy look without the high-end interior designer price tag? These styling and decorating tips will have your place ready for its close up! And it won't cost you a single dime.

Moodboard Manila is a design agency that offers expert space consultancy services, helping you achieve your perfect space by studying how your character and lifestyle play a part in coming up with the overall design of your space. Moodboard Manila recently held Interiors & Lifestyle, an intimate design talk with Cat Arambulo, that's all about infusing your space with elements that speak to who you are. It's all about aligning the design with the owner's lifestyle and personal taste.

To Moodboard Manila, no rules refer to a space where you don't get boxed in on your desire to be diverse. It means crafting designs that exude a certain harmony that flows around the pieces curated to enliven your space and nurture your wellbeing.

"Rules and trends can inspire but at the end of the day your space is supposed to be a unique reflection of who you are."

Cat Arambulo gave tips on designing space according to one's character. "Your color palette, for example, can pretty much reflect the way you are when you dress up," she explained. "When you talk about your space, it's all about you. It's about your personality," Cat shared, as she presented how an individual's preference over fashion, colors, patterns, and elements bled into the aesthetics of his or her interior design.

Fashion people are more inclined to creating beautiful spaces. "When you're into fashion and you enjoy the details of a particular clothing, style, or trend, you can easily apply it to how you decorate your space,” she said.

As for current trends, Cat mentioned copper/rose gold, greenery, and marble are set to make waves in the design landscape this year. "Marble is always in, and so is mixing and matching textures. You can even do five different textures in one color. Put in something silky, something leathery, suede, something fluffy. It creates more drama and character that way."

Here's our takeaway from the talk:
1. Go through magazines, books, and social media, and edit your favorite visual references down to one or two strong images that sum up your own personal style.
2. Invest in unique, antique pieces. It's worth choosing items that have memories, for a sense of history.
3. Don't stick to one style. Have fun with styling and mix different looks.

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