Monday, April 10, 2017

BFF Makeup Swap

Your bestie comes crashing to your home, while you are studying, because she wants to hang out. She's been dying of boredom at home. So you let her in but still continue finishing school work. She tells you a lot of things like what job she might apply in, where she's going on the holidays, and the list goes on. But after all that chitchat, there's nothing to talk about. 

Now, guess what she thinks of? Do makeup! From concentrating on your upcoming test, you set all your notes aside and join her in all the fun! Makeup is so tempting, huh? So today, we thought it could be fun if we each create our everyday looks and then try to recreate the other's usual makeup look! 

The products we used were Colourpop items from Cheekyholic with eyeshadows Love Line and Weekend Warrior, and lippie shades in Mama, Times Square, Clueless, and Brink.

Cheekyholic doesn't just offer Colourpop products, but also items from Nyx Cosmetics and Kissproof! There are just so much pretty shades and they provide the best quality for their clients!

Enough of that, let's get to the makeup part!

The first two looks are what you see us wear on a daily basis, whether to school, to the mall, or to a gathering with the family. 

Candis: I like wearing shades of burgundy and a pink or coral toned lipstick since I like to go for the sweet look. It makes me feel extra fresh and confident!

Daphne: I go for nudes, always. I feel like it's so basic yet gives color to my look! I also feel that nudes can match any outfit I wear, so I don't have to worry about what shade I should go for so my whole look would go together.

It's time for the swap! We both didn't know what to expect, because we're scared that the makeup swap wouldn't suit us. But we took the chance! And here's how they look!

Candis: At first, I didn't like buying nude colors since I feel that it looks dull. Now that I tried it, I realized that it's perfect for lazy days out when you want to just go for a no makeup makeup look.

Daphne: I never really liked bold lip colors before because it feels so "in your face." But wearing this shade, I got compliments from my friends that they thought it looked great!

How did you like this post? Let us know on the comments if you want more of these!

By the way, we're hosting a giveaway in collaboration with Cheekyholic! Check our Instagram post for the mechanics! 

Much love,
Candis & Daphne

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