Saturday, April 15, 2017

Current Favorites to Include to Your Daily Essentials

Welcome to a new segment here on the blog! 

We're so happy to share a list of our current favorites that we've been using since we got them! We have some serious obsessions! This list will consist of what we will be keeping in for a long time, since they have either made our lives easier or have made a better change to our routine.

So let's get to our favorites!

Beauty Favorites:

Son & Park Beauty Water — Why we love this? We think everyone knows or have witness for themselves the power of this product. As we have mentioned on an earlier post, aside from being a toner, it also acts as a cleansing/micellar water. So when you travel, you don't have to bring a toner and a cleansing water because this acts as one!

COSRX One Step Pimple Clear Pad — This patch has made our lives easier, no doubt! Just pop one pad onto your zit, and next day it's gone! There's not much to say about this product. We guarantee it works in an instant!

Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous Foundation — The name speaks for itself... Pat on this product and your face will appear flawless naturally. It's just one simple step. No effort and you will achieve that gorgeous Miss Universe look! And everyone wants that effect, right? 

Clinique Crayola — We've been raving about this collaboration since it went out! Because who doesn't love crayola? The packaging is so cute, the texture of the lipstick is so moisturizing. What more can you ask? This has been part of our makeup bag ever since we got a hold of them!

Fashion Favorites:

H&M shoes — Every girl should have a pair of black pointed flats. Actually a lot of black shoes! Since black is so versatile, whether it's casual or formal, you can always go black with any outfit. This pair is a current favorite since it gives that look of sophistication, while being simple on its own.

Topshop denim skirt — Did we mention that we love denim? Maybe? A hundred times? We love denim skirts as much as we love Mom jeans. You can pair this with a graphic tee and it would come off as sporty. Wear it with a ruffled blouse and it gives you a perfect date night look. We could go on with what denim can do...

Random Favorite:

Bavin powerbank — Can we just say... that this powerbank is the lightest one we've ever had? You won't even feel your bag getting heavier when you put this inside, unlike other powerbanks. It's so handy and plus points to its sleek design! (Candis even got a second piece!)

Let us know if you like this segment! We'd love to create more!

Much love,
Candis & Daphne

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