Friday, July 7, 2017

Is It Okay to Repeat Your Outfits?

Figuring out other ways to reuse your favorite pieces of clothing can be pretty tricky. How are you supposed to wear something again and again without anyone noticing? Especially when you love to post OOTDs on Instagram! Since we all have clothes that we adore, and let's be realistic, we can't afford to only wear them once. Given how much you pay for that piece! With all the time and money we invest in our wardrobe, everyone needs a few tips to make repeating our outfits a little less obvious.

You should think about investing in separate pieces like tops, skirts, jackets, and pants to make it easier for you to mix and match and come up with different ensembles using the same pieces. They're easier to repeat more often compared to a single outfit like a dress or a jumpsuit. Giving new life to an old outfit can be achieved by simply throwing on an outerwear. A crisp white blazer can give it a more polished feel, an embroidered jacket can dress it up for a night out, and a hip bomber can bring a new edge to an outfit you've worn a lot.

Layering is one thing we love because it really makes the best use of the items in our closets and can help you create unique looks. Throw on a strappy dress over a plain tee or a quirky sweater on top of a dress to turn it into a skirt. There are endless combinations you can come up with that can help you wear your favorite pieces again and again.

It's much easier to recycle basic items of clothing than printed and patterned ones. You may want to wait for a while before repeating your top with a bold print that people will surely remember. It's easier to style a plain outfit with basic accessories more inconspicuously as well as to style them differently.

The easiest way to take attention away from a recycled outfit is by throwing on some accessories. A chain necklace, a big floppy hat, an oversized tote, bold danglers, or a statement belt can help add an interestingly new twist to a recycled outfit. 

See this as an example. We've been wearing these denim pants and flowy culottes for a much long time. You may have seen us wear them for three times! We can't help it 'cause they're so comfy! These tops are also some of the things we would actually never get tired of repeating because of their trendy style. How do we keep wearing them without people noticing those first thing? These statement bags are the answer! Even though they look plain, they are the ones who carry the whole look, making people's heads turn, and not even minding the repeat outfits.

Always remember, though, that the most important thing is to have fun. Experiment with your existing wardrobe, mix and match and be amazed with all the awesome combinations you had no idea were right in front of you!

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Candis & Daphne

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