Monday, July 10, 2017

How to Save Money in Your 20s

Walk into Topshop during sale season, hoard all that skincare and makeup on Sephora, eat at a buffet because it's cheat day. We, and we mean including you, are guilty of this habit. We always tell ourselves that it's time to save up for a new phone or a new watch, but all those money go bye-bye when distractions come running. Being accountable for your goals is the only sure way to commit to and achieve them. And since we're all, if not most, of us are in our 20s, we kinda have to save up for the future. 

Your money should go towards something important to you or something you love, not trickle between your fingers. Take a look at your daily spendings and your "problem-purchases" or "impulse buys." We all have these, they may be purse-stinging lunches or nasty Uber surges. Once you've identified your saving-barriers, come up with actionable solutions to fight them.

We can start with baby steps. Little by little, we have to set aside some cash. You can keep track of your spendings by writing down the amount you spent on a certain date. And always set a clear goal of how much you want to save up for this month, next month, and the next few years. Make sure you have more money coming in than going out. Overspending is the biggest financial problem for many, but you can control your spending by creating a budget, living a lifestyle that's realistic for your income and working toward healthy spending habits. With that, you are a million times more likely to achieve your money saving goals. 

You probably have many plans, dreams, and goals. From traveling the world or earning a degree abroad, to buying your own house and getting married. Whatever you envision for your life, more often than not, you'll need money to make it happen.

When you want to drop 500 bucks on a new pair of shoes, sleep on it first. That'll give you some time to consider whether you really really need to make the purchase. Maybe you'll realize you don't super love it, or you can actually borrow a similar pair from your friend. Sometimes you may even decide you can wear something already in your closet.

You've committed, and you know how to achieve your goals. What we do is whenever our parents gave us allowance (during the times we go to school), we save money regularly. We don't spend them all up. Now, head to your bank and set up an account where you can keep the money. You can watch as your savings build up and chances are you won't even notice the difference day to day and will only wish you had started sooner!

Hope you like this post and plan to save up! Let's do it together! If you have other tips on saving money, do share it. We'd also love to learn from you guys!

Much love,
Candis & Daphne

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