Tuesday, July 11, 2017

4 Things We Wish to Tell Our Younger Selves

Don't you guys sometimes wish that you could turn back time and undo your mistakes? Well, we sometimes do! Growing up allowed us to see our mistakes and maybe some regrets. There are things that we could have done better, or could have avoided. We realized that even though we can't turn back time and right the wrongs, sharing them to you guys will help those who are still young enough to not repeat our mistakes.

Here are the things that we would tell our younger selves if ever we had the chance to.

1. Don't worry about your grades too much! 

Growing up in a Chinese family was never easy. Our parents have high expectations to their children's future. Add a grade conscious parent to the mix, and viola! That was what we had experienced growing up. Family gatherings became a way of our parents' showing off about their child. It's all about comparing grades, height, careers, and etc. These pressures caused us to study hard and try to be the top in everything. But after finishing school, you will realize that it doesn't matter at all. 

2. Don't put too much makeup!

We believe almost all of us girls discovered the power of makeup through our mom's vanity table. We can still remember those times when we would be using our mom's makeup especially their lipsticks and eyeshadows and paint them all over our faces. During our adolescence, we would put thick eyeliners on our eyelids and try to look prettier. Looking back, we would laugh at how silly we are to have the thought that without make up, no one can look as pretty. There is there is beauty in everyone, and we learned that makeup isn't the answer to beauty. 

3. Don't try to act mature!

During our teenage years, our friends would always go to Timezone whenever we would go to malls. But being the fashionistas that we are, we would always go on our separate ways and go shopping! We would miss watching movies in cinemas. There are certain times where we kinda regret the  early maturity we had when we were young. Our youth was wasted on clothes and shoes that we do not wear or use anymore.

4. Learn to live a little!

We were not the kind of people who decides hastily. Not like others who are always YOLO. We would be thinking of what if's and not take chances causing us to miss opportunities. Fast forward to today, we would be a little jealous of friends who tell us what they did when they were young. Some of them have hilarious experiences and stories that made us wonder about what we did during our childhood.

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Hope you like this post! And to you young ones, don't waste time!

Much love,
Candis & Daphne

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