Thursday, July 13, 2017

Is It Time to Change Your Phone?

Have you guys heard about the latest buzz all around social media? We have seen Pia Wurtzbach's cover shoot for Metro and were really impressed with how the photos looked like and with what they used to take those gorgeous photos. They did not use a professional camera to take that amazing cover! Just by using Huawei's P10 Dual Leica Lens (yes, you heard it right. It's a phone!), they were able to take her photos like it was done using a professional camera. Who would have thought that Huawei phones could do these!

Let's face it. When buying for a new phone, we usually go to Apple and Samsung stores but seldom visit other brands. Now that we have witnessed what this amazing phone can do, we would definitely add this brand to our options when it's time to replace our phones. Who wouldn't want photos as clear as this? Plus, you don't have to carry a huge ass camera with you when you travel or take OOTDs. Just your phone!

This is not the first time Huawei has done this. They have also been used to take photos for another cover shoot in different countries. The first to do this was Insight Magazine from Egypt, followed by Italian magazine Grazia. See sample photos below.


Amazing, right? That quality though! And for a much affordable price compared to your usual phone.

Even our queen was so surprised when she realized that a smartphone can do this. Watch Pia's reaction here and witness how she did her cover shoot.

Now, will you take into consideration Huawei when you search for a new phone?

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