Thursday, July 20, 2017

This Could Be Your Next School Project

If you're in for something to blow your mind away, something out of the box that you would never think it could be possible, you're in the right place. We know most of you guys have started school, or are going back to school from a week vacation. "Ugh, school..." right? With all the requirements our professors pile up on us, all the exams that would be coming a week after just getting back to school... You don't enjoy school anymore. 

But what if we tell you that you can enjoy school! That all your upcoming projects and school work can be more than just the ordinary "type, print, submit!" Would that get you excited to go back to school? 

With the new technology that Canon PIXMA E printers have now, we are more capable than ever to come up with much more greater things, not just limited to school work. This printer can help us foster creativity while being even productive.

"Through the newly-launched series of Canon PIXMA E printers, we wish to make these moments count – from using our printers to produce work that will help enhance the creativity and learning of kids, to documenting these moments via photos." Through the Canon PIXMA E series printers, print quality is never compromised by its cost efficiency – making unending delightful moments happen. 

We mentioned before that we have personally experienced the Canon PIXMA E series printers. There are many ways by which you can make use of the Canon PIXMA E Series printers. You can check out our previous post about the different printers and what they do. But just a gist of it, we now have printers that can print from mobile with Wi-Fi connectivity, we also have something that could print photos from your social media. What we saw amazing was that there are printers that can print on cloth! Not just paper or photo papers! See photo below on how our sketches have been photocopied and printed onto cloth. Amazing right? 

Wonder what people would come up with next... We're just so loss for words at how people can think of such innovative ways to help us be more creative yet productive!

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