Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Why It's the Perfect Time to Shop Here

Hey, Posh Squad! As you all know, we love K-beauty! And there is no stopping us from hoarding whenever we go to Korea! But now that we're not in Korea, we couldn't help but want some more! We really wish that our birthday is everyday so that we don't have to feel guilty when we buy buy buy! (HAHA) Right? Or that you'd receive so much gifts from your friends, some of which you've already been giving hints about. Speaking of birthdays, Althea Korea is celebrating their 2nd year! And they've got some big things happening, so stay 'til the end of the post to know what they are.

Let's first talk about what we got from the Althea Birthday Sale, 'cause who would deny a sale? Hearing about the promos made us giddy and of course, purchase! Here's what we got from our Birthday Box! 

Well, if you've been an OG reader of our blog, you've seen this product for over three times already. We never get tired of the Son & Park Beauty Water that we had to get another bottle. If you're new here and haven't heard of holy grail product of ours, here it is. This product is really popular in Korea since it is a multi-tasking toner and cleansing water. Where would you ever find something like that? We find this product amazing because it does not only prepare your skin but also exfoliates it to help in better absorption of products. Aside from being a toner, it also acts as a cleansing water. It has a bit of moisture so if you forget to put on your moisturizer, this will save you from the potential sagging of your face. We totally recommend this product to you girls!

Recently, our skin feels dehydrated so we decided to give this serum a try. Every time we put powder on our face, you can see the pores being more visible than usual. After using this product, our skin feels smoother and more hydrated. And the most important benefit of this product is that our pores became less visible and our skin looks a lot more healthy. This serum is fast drying and feels sticky when applied but when it's all dried up, it does not feel sticky anymore. It is certain that you won't break out after using this product since it is designed to calm, relief, and moisturize sensitive skin.

This year our skin has gone to a level when we had breakouts and small rashes in some parts of the face. After breakouts, acne scars will form even though we did not touch or prick the pimple. We've heard this product can help remove acne scars so we thought we need to give it a try immediately. On first application, it feels hot and stings a little. That's really how Vitamin C works. This product also promises that your skin will look brighter, but after multiple times of using it we still cannot see/feel the difference.

If you're into that "Just Kissed Lips" Korean look, then you'll surely love the Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar. We super love the effect it gives since it shows that you have small lips, unlike the trend before on Kylie's big lips. This look is more dainty and natural, you can use it for your everyday look! We love how the lipstick glides smoothly onto our lips. And even though it has the two tones, it doesn't show a harsh line when you apply it.

We're so glad that they are celebrating their 2nd birthday with an Althea Birthday Sale! So now is the perfect time to hoard what your K-drama idols' love using! There are a lot of freebies from their Birthday Giveaway! Not only that, they also have a contest called FLY ME TO KOREA for TWO! And if you think that's it, nope, there are more contests to win prizes!

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Much love,
Candis & Daphne

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