Monday, July 24, 2017

What Happens When You Get Adrenaline

Yes, we are not the sporty and fierce type of girls who are not afraid to experience thrill, though we enjoy watching people race, skate, and play sports. We just feel like we might get a bad injury so we always refrained from doing extreme sports and rides. But watching people be YOLO made us think of how much fun they are having, not thinking about their problems and stress. 

Last July 14 to 16, Mountain Dew set up the first ever adrenaline park called the Dew Nation HQ. It gave sports enthusiasts and individuals who want to get the adrenaline rush a free access to the park. There, you can learn basic BMX, skateboard tricks, or even ride the ATV! There are also some stations where you can do VR games, play arcade, or just chill and have some refreshing drinks from Mountain Dew.

Check out some snaps we took from the event!

To know more about the Dew Nation HQ Adrenaline Park, check out the hashtags #DewNationPH #DoItFeelIt. 

You can also join the fun online by posting a photo of you with your drink, tagging Mountain Dew on Facebook and Instagram with the hashtags. Who knows, you might win an all-expense paid group activity, a year's supply of Mountain Dew, or a Go Pro Hero 5! Promo ends July 31.

Much love,
Candis & Daphne

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