Wednesday, August 2, 2017

How to Enjoy a Spa Day Anytime

Been meaning to visit the spa but have no time or no ride? No problem! There's another way to relax at home, anytime! Aside from the usual sheet face masks we like to use to destress, have you heard of clay masks? We like to think of clay masks as our little spa treatment for the skin. It's just so refreshing when you massage the product over your face. They absorb the dirt in your pores as they dry, and when you wash them off, you're smooth and fresh! Nothing like a good spa day!

From the shelves of every drug store in the US to every beauty store in the streets of South Korea, clay mask has made it to the skincare regimen of women. Now, it's time for Filipinas to get their hands on this most-talked about skincare trend through the L'Oréal Paris Pure Clay Mask! And like all things skincare, there are different clays for different skin types: Pure Clay Mask Illuminating, Pure Clay Mask Anti-Pores, and Pure Clay Mask Hydration.

During the event, we were showed a unique way of masking with the concept of multimasking which is a great solution to addressing our varying skin concerns. Now you can achieve the best results by masking and multimasking in just 10 minutes which serves as your solution for deep cleansing with an instant detox!

Here's a quick guide on how you can #ClayYourWay to multimasking:

Candis (normal skin on T-zone, slightly dry cheek area): I was a little skeptical to try this product because recently, my skin is rebelling and is getting quite sensitive to a lot of things. On the entire testing period, I used the Anti-Pores on my T-zone and Illuminating on my face. Upon first usage, I felt the stinging and the warmth on my face which scared the hell out of me! I think one of the reasons that might have caused it was the consistency of the clay mask I applied on my face. I applied a bit too much of the product. After rinsing the product, my face was okay. There was no redness or any breakout. THANK YOU LORD! On successive application, the sting and heat sensation was gone. It felt like how a normal clay mask feels when used. Trying this product was worth it. I can see that my face was glowing and looks a lot healthier than before.

Daphne (normal to dry skin, oily T-zone): I use the clay masks twice a week after double cleansing at night. For my nose, I use the Anti-Pores. For my entire face, I use the Illuminating and Hydration interchangeably. The clay is easy to spread using the fingers. It gives the skin a minty feeling, but it did not sting. Though the Anti-Pores felt hot at the beginning. I felt the tightening of my pores and saw the moisture and brightness it gave after I washed them off. As long as there are no negative effects on the skin, you can keep using the masks in moderation. 

Get ready to #ClayYourWay with your own L'Oréal Paris Pure Clay Masks, which are exclusively available in Lazada at P399.00 each only!

Hope you like this post!

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Candis & Daphne


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