Saturday, August 5, 2017

Where to Find Your New Signature Scent

Do you believe that what you wear gives you attitude and brings out your most self? We're not talking about clothing here. We're talking about scent! If you think that wearing perfume is not really necessary for your everyday errands, it actually is an outfit completer. Before we don't really think about perfumes as an important accessory, but we've realized that it plays a big role whenever you go out and present yourself. Every woman should have their signature scent that embodies her personality. And if you think that you have to find your signature scent from the expensive brands, we won't stop you. However, we want to tell you that your signature scent can be a more affordable one. One that is cheap but smells luxurious. Yes, you can actually find something like that!

The two new fragrances from the house of Benetton within the Colors de Benetton collection are named Pink and Blue. Both editions are intended for women, presented by the campaign in a way that promotes diversity, multiculturalism, beauty, and optimism.

Colors de Benetton Pink is a cheerful floral-fruity composition that opens with aromas of bergamot, tangerine, and passion fruit. The heart of rose, jasmine, and orange blossom precedes the base of woods, patchouli, amber, vanilla, and musk. This scent gives a refreshing, colorful blend for a burst of youth and sparkle. This new perfume is one that celebrates beauty in diversity.

Colors de Benetton Blue is a relaxing and refreshing citrusy fragrance. The top notes include bitter orange, lemon, and yuzu and lead to the heart of orange blossom, freesia, and a mate accord. The base notes include cedar wood, tonka bean, and musk. The strong personality of this fragrance embodies freshness and elegance.

Candis: Colors de Benetton Blue is all about freshness and elegance which is the kind of perfume that I want to use. I am quite sensitive when it comes to strong perfumes, and this perfume is what they say "smells like bagong ligo" which I love. This perfume will make you smell good at the same time will help you have a good personal hygiene.

Daphne: Colors de Benetton Pink suits my shy and modest side since it is a more fruity and floral scent. It is very feminine and effortless, yet is also very spirited at the same time. If you don't know me much, yes, I am very quiet and reserved. But when I get comfortable with the crowd, I become more lively and fun to be with!

Both of these costs P1350.00.

Find your signature scent at FRESH! You can visit them at their boutique stores listed here, or follow them on Instagram for more updates. 

Much love,
Candis & Daphne

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