Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Who Are We Before Instagram?

Everybody feels bad sometimes! That's what best friends, sisters, and mothers are for. So we can get their advice about things like whether we look fat in a certain dress, or if our zit is really obvious in a photo. It's normal. And it is so important to reiterate the message that no matter how many filters you use, you'll never be truly happy unless you love the raw, unedited version of yourself.

We scroll through our phones like everyone else. We see the world filtered and sometimes it is almost convincing that it is actually real. But it's not. The curated lives we see every day are fake. The perfect angles, the perfect selfie, the perfect lighting. People do not post ugly versions of themselves online. Everyone should always be put together and in good shape. That's not reality. What is real are imperfections. What builds character and toughness is struggle. What makes us better and more human is attempting something, coming up short, and then trying it again.

But for women the rules seem different. Do you feel like you always have to be the best at everything? And how the pressures of perfection can harm our confidence. It's true! How often do you feel like being smart or good at your job is not enough? That you need to land a perfect job, be fit and fresh, have time for vacation, friends and enjoy life. It's all crazy!

The only thing we can do and should do is to accept our imperfections because that is accepting true beauty. Being perfect never leaves room for improvement. And we realized that yes, we'd have the same attitude. If we are so perfect and we get everything we want, we are left with nothing to work hard and strive for. There would be no motivation left for us to do more! And perfect never lets us focus on what is really out there for us to achieve.

And speaking of accepting your imperfections, why not get yourself a Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 camera to capture every moment without any filter? It's what we love doing the most whenever we are on vacation. Just detach from social media, ignore all the negative comments, and savor every bit of those moments spent with our loved ones. We are beyond thankful and excited to use our Instax Mini 9 on our next trip!

So, girls. It's about time we all stop trying to be perfect. Hope you like this post! 

Much love,
Candis & Daphne

Look 1:
On Candis: Zaful dressSammydress bag, Sunnies Studios shades
On Daphne: Zaful dressMango earrings, Dorothy Perkins shades, Daniel Wellington watch

Look 2:
On Candis: Gamiss top & shoesSammydress bag, Zaful skirt
On Daphne: Gamiss topSpringdaisies skirt, Zara bag, Superga shoes

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