Monday, September 11, 2017

Have you ever felt just ordinary?

Hi, Posh Squad! Have you ever felt just ordinary? Well, we do. We often compare ourselves to others that we tend to ignore that we are created by God in our own unique way. There are a lot of times we get envious of people who have talents like singing, dancing, sports, acting, modeling, and many more. These people are blessed with talents that can be used to make something out of themselves. Unlike others, we don't have any talents but we believe that this should not be a hindrance in achieving our dreams.

We are all meant for extraordinary things. We were all created to be something. Even as simple as being helpful to your surroundings is a reason of existence. As we have said on a previous topic, there will always be that drive within you that can make everything better. Small things like being able to laugh and fall in love are one of the things that makes life meaningful. Sharing your thoughts and the word of God to others can make a huge impact on the lives of others as well.

Be patient and pray to God for guidance because He will show you the right path. Every decision you make serves as a stepping stone to His plan for you. You might feel lost and helpless right now, but don't fret because it's all part of His roadmap for you. Trust the Lord and He will not fail you.

Hope this post helps you realize that you are more than just ordinary!

Much love,
Candis & Daphne

Look 1:
On Candis: Zaful top & shoesGamiss pants
On Daphne: Sammydress dress, Zalora shoes

Look 2:
On Candis: Sammydress dress, Ami Clubwear shoes
On Daphne: Zaful dress, Stradivarius shoes


  1. That blue dress is so pretty! And yes through God's guidance we wont be lost <3

  2. Your dresses are so lovely! The blue striped one is my favorite x

  3. Great photos !