Thursday, September 28, 2017

Movies to Catch this October

Calling all movie and cinema enthusiasts! Have a marathon on a special line-up of award-winning movies from across the world in full high definition as CinemaWorld proudly presents its first CinemaWorld Film Festival, an illustrious annual event featuring a masterfully curated line-up of international films. To mark this inaugural event, CinemaWorld brings you the first in the festival series "Debuts and Sophomores," a collection of acclaimed directorial films from North America, Africa, and Europe.

The selection has racked up awards from various prestigious local film awards, international film festivals, including the Venice, Locarno, and Sundance Film Festivals.

Go on a cinematic journey of culture, language, and history with these five movies.

Mammal (October 1)

Road To Your Heart (October 8)

Our Loved Ones (October 15)

Maledimiele (October 22)

Into Paradiso (October 29)

We were lucky enough to be one of the firsts to watch a film from their line-up. "Road To Your Heart" gave us goosebumps. There were a lot of surprising stories from each character. Although it is in a different language, we got to enjoy it.

Don't miss this amazing line-up! Catch them on SKY on all Sundays of October at 8 PM. 

Subscribers can choose to add CinemaWorld on top of their basic plan via SKY Select, for only P150 per month. 

Much love, 
Candis & Daphne

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