Wednesday, September 27, 2017

We're Slowly Learning How To Wait

There are times when you're in the zone, feeling motivated to create and do things. But there are also times when you feel like nothing is happening even if you've tried and are trying for a million times. And because of that, you feel unmotivated and depressed. It's like everything you're doing is wrong. Relate? It can apply to different things. Work, love life, friends, career. The only secret we've learned to get over that stage of depression is patience. We always believe that right things at the right timing will fall into place. If you see that your friends have been in work for months and you're still not, maybe it's not time for you to work. Maybe study another field or enter a career. If your friends have found their partners and you're still alone, just know that you will find the right one.

We're slowly learning how to be patient, how to wait, how to stand still when we want to drop down, how to get back up when things go wrong. We're slowly learning that good things truly take time and can't be rushed, especially the things we desire most.

We're slowly learning that rejection is something that we'll always have to face and it's just a part of life and love. We're slowly learning how to let go of the things that are not meant for us, how to find our self-worth again instead of letting rejection define who we are. We're slowly learning that rejection means something better is waiting.

We're slowly learning how to trust God and have faith in His plans. We're learning to strengthen our faith even when I'm not being granted anything I wished for. We're slowly learning that His plans are better than ours, that His magic takes time, that His miracles will come find us when the time is right.

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Candis & Daphne

Look 1:
On Candis: Sammydress top, Zaful pants & earrings, Gamiss bag, Sunnies Studios shades, Ami Clubwear shoes
On Daphne: Zaful top, culottes & blazerGamiss earringsSammydress bagSunnies Studios shades, Ami Clubwear heels

Look 2:
On Candis: Sammydress top, H&M skirt, Gamiss earringsSunnies Studios shades, Ami Clubwear slides
On Daphne: Zaful top, Uniqlo pants, Gamiss earrings, Sunnies Studios shades, Ami Clubwear heels

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