Monday, September 25, 2017

Your Childhood Isn't Over With this Makeup Line

What did you love to collect when you were a child? You couldn't get enough of them growing up, and to this day, they continue to tug at your heart. For us, we've had a shelf of Sanrio stuffed toys that we either got as gifts from our godparents or we purposely ate at McDonald's just to get limited edition Hello Kitty's! This holiday season, Happy Skin is collaborating with a global brand and a pop culture icon to bring some of your most favorite characters to life through your everyday makeup. Whether you're a fan of Hello Kitty, My Melody, or Little Twin Stars, you can experience and relive your love for them with Happy Skin x Sanrio Characters!

During the event, displays of our dream vanity corner as kids welcomed us. Sanrio just brings back childhood memories to us! It makes us feel detached from all the negativity and go back to our worry-free selves! Many Filipinas grew up having Hello Kitty, My Melody, and Little Twin Stars as part of their everyday lives. And now, Happy Skin has created a collection that touches a part of our hearts.

This collection marks Sanrio's first collaboration with a local cosmetics brand in the country, giving Happy Skin the honor of being Sanrio's first local cosmetics partner. And just like how Happy Skin spreads happiness through makeup that cares for the skin, Sanrio is also very much founded on the idea of giving gifts that bring the biggest smiles — perfect for the holidays! Happy Skin x Sanrio Characters proudly became Happy Skin's biggest collection to date, offering an array 23 different products for the face, lips, and nails.

Here is a preview of swatches from the lipstick collection from My Melody, Hello Kitty, and down to Little Twin Stars.

Shut Up & Kiss Me Moisturizing Matte Lippie in Flower Power and Berry Good (Php 699.00) – brick red nude and deep berry

Happy Skin's lippies have always been one of our favorite lippies in our vanity. It's locally made but with its amazing quality, it can compete with other international brands in the market. What we love about their lippies is that it feels lightweight and does not feel drying on the lips.

Shut Up & Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippie in Hello, Hello Kitty and Best Of Friends (Php 599.00) – apple pie color and blushing rose
Shut Up & Kiss Me Liquid Matte Lippie in Kitty Cat (Php 699.00) – cool red

Make A Clean Sweep Micellar Makeup Wipes (Php 249.00) 

These micellar wipes are one of the best in the market. Usually wipes cannot remove liquid lipsticks but this cutie can! What we love about this product is that their wipes are thick and larger than the usual makeup wipes. All you need is one sheet and you are good to go.

We believe that every girl needs to have their own red lipstick. It can easily brighten one's look. From looking boring to being glamorous in just one swipe! It is an accessory that we often neglect but we should not.

Shut Up & Kiss Me Liquid Matte Lippie in Twinkle Twinkle and Star Wand (Php 699.00) – nude honey and deep blush

Air Touch Sponge Duo in Little Twin Stars (Php 499.00)

Using these cute-sized blending sponges allow us to minimize the usage of foundation or concealer. Since this sponge is small, it means there is less product absorption. This sponge is designed for blending around the under eye area and the cheek area, where the skin is more delicate.

We tried on each color of the Express Gel Polish from the Happy Skin x Sanrio Characters collection. 

Peaches & Cream (peach), Apples (red), Purr-fect (deep violet), Lala Love (baby pink), and Curious Kiki (light blue). Each bottle is sold for Php 299.00 and the whole set is sold for Php 1299.00. 

If we were given an option to choose between a light colored nail polish and a dark colored nail polish before, we would definitely choose the light one. But recently, we have an addiction to dark colored ones because it looks classy, clean, and powerful. What we discovered about dark nail polish is that it is easy to maintain and it does not stain.

The Happy Skin x Sanrio Characters collection is now available in Happy Skin stores and counters,, and Zalora.

What are you waiting for? Make a loved one happy by gifting them a little something from the Happy Skin x Sanrio Characters collection!

Much love,
Candis & Daphne

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