Monday, October 16, 2017

When Mobile Phone Photography Can Be More

Understanding the importance of a selfie-centric smartphone to the Filipino market, Cherry Mobile developed and produced the sixth and newest generation of their Flare series with revolutionary mobile camera functions. Dubbed as the Flare S6 Series, the latest pride of the leading local mobile phone brand in the country is crafted with top-notch mobile photography features. It also comes with exceptional lenses which allow users to fully capture every moment in life.

Flare S6 Plus, Flare S6 Selfie, Flare S6

Guess what? We got ourselves a Flare S6 Selfie! We've always been telling you that we love capturing moments to treasure in the future. One's selfie moments can get truly remarkable with Cherry Mobile's ultimate selfie smartphone, the Flare S6 Selfie. This device aims to impress and delight everyone who loves to capture more of themselves at their best angle. Its 16MP front and back cameras will not fall behind one's expectations as it can take flattering selfies even in lowlight environments.

More than its superb camera features, the Flare S6 Selfie sports a 5.2" full-HD screen for a more enhanced and defined mobile viewing. Users can also enjoy the most delightful features from Nougat 7.0 without glitches as the device is smoothly powered by a 1.5GHz Octa-Core processor. It comes with a generous 3GB RAM that enables users to switch effortlessly between windows and a 16GB on-board storage, expandable up to 128GB via microSD, to store in more files.

We tested the phone's camera out, and here's how it looks on different modes.


Night mode



On top of the improved mobile camera specifications, Cherry Mobile made the Flare S6 Series the most coveted smartphone of the brand to date with its own Cherry OS. The Cherry OS boasts five unique features which are set to improve mobile user experience: 360 Security, Privacy System, Avatar Master, Camera, and other Cherry OS apps.

With all these mobile camera upgrades and brand-new OS, Cherry Mobile makes sure that users enjoy the ultimate selfie and mobile phone photography experience anytime, anywhere. 

Be sure to check out the newest Cherry Mobile Flare S6 Series in all Cherry Mobile concept stores and kiosks near you.

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