Friday, November 10, 2017

How to Personalize a Present

Christmas is just around the corner, and everyone's preparing — or have already started — buying presents for their favorite crowd. Do you ever overthink of what present to buy for your loved ones and get scared that they might not like what you get them? Same. And the safest gifts we could think of are body lotion sets and bath essentials. But it doesn't seem specially bought for them, and we want them to feel our effort and thought. With the holiday shopping rush, LUSH is sure to win you over as they deliver the best treats and options for your lengthy list of what-to-buys.

A highlight of LUSH's collection for Holiday 2017 is the Naked line that features its "bare-all" packaging approach, in which 80% of the seasonal range are offered in solid form without the use of plastic bottles or any packaging; thus, also called the naked alternative. Not using expensive packaging gives big savings that LUSH can invest into more team members and training. Products from the Naked line like body butters are formulated with little to no water and are therefore often innately self-preserving. This line aims to be a support for a better planet, too!

New bath bombs are in this season. Sail away on a bubble gum sea of candy floss and fairy dust with the Snow Fairy bath bomb, or take a fizzy bath as you drop the hot and spicy Christmas Sweater bomb that contains Sicilian lemon oil, and powders of mustard and ginger to ease your muscles and warm you up after a busy day. Try out other bath bombs such as Shoot For The Stars with Brazilian orange and bergamot oils, Luxury Lush Pud which has ylang ylang oil and warming benzoin resinoid, and Butterbear that holds softening Fair Trade cocoa butter with creamy vanilla scent.

With the approach of continuing to focus on packaging that goes for less and finds more use for recycled materials, LUSH is proud to introduce its much larger Knot Wrap collection. The wraps are made from recycled plastic bottles and organic cotton, and each of the reusable fabric comes in different sizes — great for wrapping all sorts of presents. And it gives a touch of personalization for the person you give it to. It's more special. More thought put into it.

LUSH, in no doubt, helps shopping for the holidays easier. You can buy gift sets that will woo the person you're giving it.

With these new treats courtesy of LUSH, forget about worrying what to buy for the person you picked for the Kris Kringle or thinking what to get for your loved ones. Swing by the nearest LUSH store and take your pick!

Much love,
Candis & Daphne

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