Sunday, November 12, 2017

Where to Discover Your Happy Place

We all want to feel fresh after spraying an amount of fragrance before leaving the house. We want to feel like we've entered a different world, like we're in a dream, when we look for a perfect scent. When people turn around and ask you what fragrance you're wearing, you know you've found the one for you! "Close your eyes, make a wish, spray the fragrance and feel transported to a happy place."

Anna Sui's Secret Wish is for the child in us that believes in magic. But it is also for the adult that believes in possibilities. Because, in the end, the magic is in each of us. This is for the woman who is confident, magical, feminine, and powerful.

The instant the scent is released, a lush, ripe world opens up, filled with a bouquet of juicy fruits: fresh, sparkling lemon, summery melon, and velvety tagete, a soft, apricot-scented flower. A fragrance that is at once as powerful as a charm, and as beguiling as a fairy kiss, it is a perfect balance of fruity and floral notes. In a shade as soft as a fairy mist, the softest aqua dew, this is truly an elixir of fantasy and emotion.

Anna Sui's new Lucky Wish takes the magic of the fairy kingdom into a new dimension. More ethereal and dreamy than Secret Wish, Lucky Wish is infused with a transforming power that makes things happen. The Lucky Wish woman is a dreamer, but not just any dreamer. She believes in magic and she believes in the power of the fairy's dust to transform her dreams into reality. 

Anna Sui's Lucky Wish is a floral, citrus, woody fragrance that sparkles with pure joy, love and a touch of good-luck. Lucky Wish opens with a melodic dance of frozen lemon, tangerine and lively pomelo adding a zesty vivacity that carries through the heart of the fragrance. Gorgeous, petally freesia and fresh cut bamboo create a soft, floral and subtly fruity essence in the mid notes. As the magical journey continues, we discover notes of creamy sandalwood and delicate musk, leaving a gorgeous and comforting last impression.

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Much love,
Candis & Daphne