Tuesday, November 28, 2017

What We Got From Memo Paris

Hey guys! If you felt a little bit bitin reading our post about the Memo Paris Eau de Memo perfume, here is the second part! We told you that we wished to collect them all. Well, we were able to take home our favorite scent from the collection! And we're more than happy to show you.

We both got a scent from the Graines Vagabondes collection. First off, we have (Candis') Ilha do Mel or "Honey Island." This honey, which memories of love are made of, sends an urgent message: surrender to desire and lose yourself! It was its enchanting name that led Memo to this destination, a virtually untouched and pure island, where visitors rarely venture beyond its beaches. Memo explores the isle in its very own way, through scent.

The perfume Ilha do Mel stays true to its origins, dreams triumphing over determination. Its South American soul reveals itself through Brazil's signature, oil of mandarin, cheerful and fresh. But like the isle itself, the fragrance calls out for ingredients that have travelled from elsewhere. Her coasts gladly welcome the essence of juniper, sourced from European saplings, with its northern and peppery woodiness in tow. She embraces the surprising and unsettling notes of hyacinth, green, floral, and striking.

Another one we love, (Daphne's) Kedu, nicknamed "the garden of Java" in Indonesia, is a plain bordered by a volcano. Its soil, which has been made fertile by the ash, is sacred. Tradition has it that you can purify your soul by throwing sesame seeds – one seed for each passion – into one of its flaming domes. The burnt sesame aromas rise up to the heavens. The husky accents of the seeds, which are symbols of longevity, set the sparkling freshness of grapefruit alight. 

Kedu is therefore a scene with a thousand faces and its encounter with Memo today takes place on the Borobudur site: the temple itself, structured in three sections (the base, middle and summit / in other words, the foot, body and head), is reminiscent of the triptych associated with perfume, which reveals itself through top, heart and base notes. This architecture aims to reach a state of bliss in three steps: from the world of desire to the material world, before entering the spiritual world. The fragrance is a somewhat happy synthesis of this state of grace given subtle, contemporary expression.

What a story! It surely made us feel transported to another destination! And we definitely feel so when we wear these scents on occasions. These scents actually are a reflection of our personality (What a coincidence!). It made us more in love with these scents.

Memo Paris Fragrances can be found at Art of Scent stores.

Much love,
Candis & Daphne

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