Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Why We Keep the Light Burning

Hey, Posh Squad! Sorry to keep you waiting but here is our post (FINALLY!) featuring the items we got from the ETC Women's Hub, an all-in-one fair we previously talked about on this post. If you're unfamiliar with ETC Women's Hub, it's an event where beauty and fashion enthusiasts meet up and learn something. During the fair, we were entertained with inspirational stories, engaging discussions, and handy tips by beauty and lifestyle bloggers during ETC Girl Talk, plus awesome performances by some personalities! Enough of that, here are the outfits we were able to put together with the pieces we took home from the fair.

We also took home some insight on realizing how and why we are a part of the ETC Women's Hub fair. It's humbling to hear people say nice things they learn from you. It makes us strive to create more content and build more relationships. It helps us remain passionate in what we do, making our light burn deep within. That even though we encounter obstacles, we know our mission is far too great to be knocked down.

We love that we're able to serve others, because it's not just about us. Every single day is a new chance to impact others. We always do the best we can to make people happy.

Hope you like this post! 

Much love,
Candis & Daphne

Look 1:
On Candis: Monochromo top & skirt, Owndays shades, Zaful shoes
On Daphne: Style Ana top, Monochromo skirt 

Look 2:
On Candis: Fourteenth Black dress, Mel's Collection earrings, Polo Ralph shoes
On Daphne: Fourteenth Black dress, Mel's Collection earrings, Zaful shoes

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