Wednesday, June 24, 2015

DIY Ombre Nails

Okay, this is not exactly the most focused of shots, but taking a hand selfie of three is not as easy at it sounds! Anyway, in other news, ombre clothing may have been dethroned by minimalist clothing, but ombre nails never gets old. Read on to see how you can add this cute update to your manicure in just a few simple steps!

Beauty, DIY: DIY Ombre Nails
Beauty, DIY: DIY Ombre Nails

What you need:
  • 2-3 Nail polishes of assorted colors
  • Makeup sponge
  • Base coat
  • Top coat
  • Nail polish remover
  • Pusher & paper towel (optional)
Tip: You can choose more than 3 nail polish colors, but be cautious of the thickness of the polish that might build up on your nails, which will prolong the time it takes for them to dry. Also, it will take more time and attention to work with more colors. For choosing nail polish colors, one color in different lightness/darkness is a good path to take; another one would be choosing colors that are side by side on the color wheel. But always remember to just explore and be creative!

Beauty, DIY: DIY Ombre Nails


1. We want to start with clean hands and nails, so remove any residue and/or polish from your nails by cleaning up with a nail polish remover.

2. Put a layer of your base coat on your nails.

3. Coat your entire nails with the first color of your choice. This color will be more prominent at the base of your nails and is preferably the lightest one.

Beauty, DIY: DIY Ombre Nails

4. Apply a small but enough amount of nail polish of the second color (preferably the next lighter color) on the edge your makeup sponge.

Beauty, DIY: DIY Ombre Nails

5. Dab lightly beginning from the tip of your nails while working your way to the bases. If you are going to use two colors, cover half of the nail; if you will be using three, cover 2/3 of the nail.

Tip: Be sure to do this gradually in order to avoid an abrupt change between colors and to achieve a softer gradient effect.

Beauty, DIY: DIY Ombre Nails

6. If the makeup sponge trick is not enough to build up color, use the tip of your nail polish brush to add color to the tips. Again, do this lightly and gradually.

Beauty, DIY: DIY Ombre Nails

7. Do the same steps (Steps 4-6) for the third color of your choice (if you have one). This is preferably the darkest color. Make your own adjustments as follows — maybe you'd like to add more of the previous colors or so, just follow the previous steps and tips!

Beauty, DIY: DIY Ombre Nails

8. Lastly, just add a coat of your favorite top coat to seal and polish your manicure off!

Beauty, DIY: DIY Ombre Nails

So, that's it for ombre nails. Easy, right? We hope you enjoyed today's post! Keep posted for more!

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  1. Love how they all came out, so cute!

    xx Falasha
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  2. That's a great idea! They are so ready for summer


  3. Isn’t it so exciting and interesting to see that you can do something or crafts on your own. Those DIY tips and tutorials are so helpful for you to become creative and artistic in your own way.