Thursday, September 29, 2016

5 Key Beauty Products for a Youthful Look

We've surveyed countless of videos and articles portraying comparisons among perceptions of beauty across various cultures around the world, and you may have noticed that Korean beauty is always included in the list. We, you included, have to admit, their penchant for youthful, dewy, natural, glowing skin tugs among us at a certain soft spot in our hearts. To put it short, we want that look — not solely and not essentially for reasons of looking that certain way but of looking healthy! Do you notice how almost every time you spot a Korean they look so fresh and glowing? Well, stay tuned as we are going to reveal 5 key products in order to achieve that youthful glow, featuring Korean beauty products from Dearberry!

Before proceeding, however, we've got exciting news! What comes to your mind every time you hear the word "Korean"? Drama, skincare, makeup, clothes, K-pop are some of the things Korea is popular for worldwide (wow, Korea must be doing a lot of things right, haha!). As we know, Koreans are well-known for having excellent skin, which is why there is a sure market for their beauty products outside Korea. And guess what!? Youthful looking skin is made more achievable as Dearberry, a Korean beauty brand promising to be made just for YOU, expands to the Philippines! Read on for more! :)

(See more photos from the Dearberry launch event below!) 

When we got news from Dearberry that we were invited to their launch event, it gave us that tingling feeling, as we're really hooked with Korean products. Candis even regularly (never misses an episode) watches the Korean beauty show "Get it Beauty" to keep updated with the latest Korean skincare and makeup. She's definitely the one among the three of us to take her skincare routine most seriously. This is practically common knowledge, but we'd just like to emphasize, in achieving a certain look skincare is just as (or even more) important as makeup. With good skin you can spare having to cover up with so much makeup, which leads us to our first product...

1. Dearberry's Snail Repair Eye Cream
Wait, what!? Snail in an eye cream? That 's crazy! Yeah, crazy good for the skin around your eyes! A lot of the freshness factor to one's look has to do with bright, rested-looking eyes. This product contains mucin from snail slime, which protects, nourishes, and brightens among many other beauty benefits that proves the revolutionary snail mucin to be the jack of all trades! A little goes a long way too for this product!

2. Dearberry's Suri Suri Aguamenti Powder Pact
Many of us want coverage but not COVERAGE, and this powder pact does just the trick! But what's so special about this lightweight powder is that it has a soft focus effect, much like blurring your skin to help lessen the appearance of blemishes without the weight of full coverage or even concealer; and it visibly and instantly brightens up the face!

3. Dearberry's Kiss of Berry Tint Lip Balm
The glossy ombre lips is a huge, huge thing in Korea, and we see why the hype! It's practically the epitomical step to a youthful face. A pair of pinkish (just the right amount),  plump lips can be achieved by using a tinted lip balm high in gloss. Apply concealer all over to make a clean canvas, take a lip brush or even a small sponge applicator, and apply on the lips, concentrating on the middle without reaching the outer edges.

4. Dearberry's Must Eyetem Mascara
Before even having found out what this mascara supposedly does, just by application we've already figured out its curling and volumizing effect! Mascara's play in your youthful, glowing look would be enhancing the eyes (again, super important!) by making them pop and look more striking yet not overpowering. This would be your best bet for an instant eye pick-me-up, as it doesn't require much coordination and precision as with other makeup products.

5. Dearberry's Rockcat Girl Eyeliner
Speaking of precision, just look at the tip of this liner! you can go as thin or thick as you wish, which we would suggest the former for a more natural look. Yes, you can rock a natural face while looking refreshed with black liquid eyeliner because this will actually step up your eye-brightening and eye-popping game (again, eyes) and keep your pretty peepers looking defined!

Dearberry believes the simple truth that healthy skin is most beautiful, which we are all for and which this post is mostly grounded upon! And as with achieving that natural look, Dearberry is also all for natural ingredients! One of their product base materials are berries, which is abundant in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Their brand essence is actually being able to offer affordable yet high quality cosmetics made with ingredients from nature; and we can definitely attest to how supremely impressive their product quality is, trumping even some of our skincare and makeup staples, not to mention their adorable packaging and pleasantly-scented products! Dearberry also values sticking to the basics, putting emphasis on keeping skin healthy first and thereafter taking measures to address target areas. And as for their promise, we can really feel that Dearberry tries to cater to everyone, as their products are made to fit your personal needs! You can learn more about Dearberry and join the family at

Here are a few photographs from the Dearberry bloggers launch event, which can we say was absolutely fantastic — the products, the food, the energy, the people turned to new friends, everything was fantastic! It felt like, and was, a discovery of a new family!

We hope you enjoyed today's post!


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