Sunday, October 9, 2016


We’re sure we're all familiar with the Titas (of Manila) by now — a stereotype popularly attributed to, literally, the titas of Manila, an adorable group of women with very distinct qualities as per their being our titas (tita is the Filipino equivalent for aunt). The stereotype, which often in the generic sense is stigmatized whereas in this case we'd like to emphasize our appreciation for, stems from how titas have seemingly created their own persona, as they have their distinct way of speaking, a certain nature in the relationships they have with their pamangkins or nieces/nephews, tita-esque hobbies, their attempts to be hip and cool, and whatnot. They are the sweet second mamas we have who give us extra money for Christmas, who relentlessly take pictures during our family reunions, who make delicious food and always have the heart to share, and who love to chat with their amigas. Does this remind you of someone or two? Whether she’s an actual aunt, a friend of the family, or just someone who’s an old soul, the titas have already become unforgettable characters in our lives (whether we like it or not).

So, why Titas of Manila? Well, for starters, besides finding them oh so adorable, we believe we all have our inner titas just waiting to be unleashed, and allow us to present you with data (haha!): There are times when instead of calling our BFFs to dance the night away, we decide to talk over brunch, go for a stroll at the mall, or just tambay at their house. Some time during this tambay you ask yourself and your friend, "are we seriously?" (a.k.a. "we're becoming adults!"). What happened to having so much excitement for adventures and epic nights? You begin to see the changes from your your choice of drink at the bar to how early you want to go home (well, yeah...some titas would still be pondering over the former, haha!). And that's totally okay, in fact, based on our experiences of becoming a tita for a day, as show of appreciation for all the titas out there and as an invitation for you to unleash the tita in you, becoming a tita means becoming even more confident, cool, and stylish!..

Tita Lauren: I absolutely adore titas — just when we think adulthood means no more fun, we come across a @TitasofManila tweet and, besides making our day, definitely make our assumption erred! I always just watched from the sidelines (sometimes just by being with Candis, our very own tita haha!), as I couldn't imagine meeting the tita within me just yet! But upon wearing my tita getup, I honestly felt a wave of confidence rush over me. This leads me to think how maybe titas have a way of dressing that makes them such empowered, optimistic, and unstoppable women! While years still await my actual becoming of a tita, I'd be happy to channel back Tita Lauren for a confidence boost every once in a while, haha!

Tita Candis: Most of my friends say that I always dress up like a Tita, but, for me, I'm just a bit more mature when dressing up. But I must admit that I really looked like a Tita here — a cool and fashionable Tita, I'd like to say HAHAHA! Being dressed like a Tita is so not a negative thing but, on the contrary, super awesome since you tend get more respect and hospitality when you go to restaurants and stores (seriously, try it). The experience of being a Tita for the day made me realize that I wish when I'm really a Tita in the future, I would look this cool and chic.

Tita Daphne: There are some Titas that are young at heart. This Tita doesn’t dress up in traditional Tita garb. In fact, her style is very "bagets" because she keeps herself updated on all the latest fashion trends. Others might think she doesn’t dress her age, but then again who are they to judge? I saw a Tita in a store a while back and totally loved her outfit! So I copied her look! What is more Tita than a crisp white polo and a pair of denim capris, right? Of course, to be a fashown Tita, you can't wear just that. I layered a cami over the polo since for most Titas, it wouldn't be appealing when you wear a cami alone. So for those of you who have camis that are kinda revealing, try this trick!

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Hope you liked this post! Let your inner Tita out, let out that confident, cool, and stylish woman in you!

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