Friday, February 24, 2017

Book II

Hey guys! We know you guys are probably surprised and confused with our latest announcement, but don't worry, Posh Possibilities will still continue to give you the latest updates on looks that are in style today! With the two of us, Candis and Daphne, running this blog from now on, our goal for you guys is to show how besties do their thing from fashion to beauty and to adventures!

Every little thing best friends do matters, and through Posh Possibilities, you will be able to join us on our food trips, pamper days, fashion walks, fitness runs, and more! You name it, we'll (try to) do it!

Today, we'll be showing you how to look good in neutral pieces.

Let's start with the basics. For sure, you have a bunch of whites and blacks in your closet. These are the pieces you can re-wear and nobody would notice (or do they?). We are so guilty of that! We'd probably wear a specific white or black top on repeat! Maybe because they're on the top of our pile of clothes? Yup. Maybe we're lazy to think of what to match with patterned and colored pieces? Yup. We all have those days. Sometimes it's unavoidable!

Neutrals may be underestimated because we grab them when we're on a hurry, or when we're just plain lazy. But really, neutral dressing is work! The silhouette matters, the texture and the pattern. It's not easy as 1-2-3! How long did we come up with this outfit? (LONG.)

For our outfits today, we went with white dominantly. Whites, anything neutral for that matter, can make you look instantly sophisticated. You can go casual in white, but still well styled! If you love to be girly, we recommend flirting with ruffles and fringes to give your feminine outfit some attitude! For the one who's going for the I-want-to-look-effortless-but-totally-styled, try picking one statement piece that can highlight your look. And who says neutral dressing means neutral shoes? Go crazy with a pop of color! 

That's it for today! Keep posted for more fashion, beauty, food, and more!

Much love,
Candis & Daphne

Photography by Nadine Felice

On Candis: For Me top, Miss Selfridge skirt
On Daphne: Zara top, Maldita culottes