Friday, March 3, 2017

Yef Philippines: First Impressions

Korea's pretty well-known when it comes to the game of beauty. The popularity of Korean beauty products skyrocketed the recent year — and, honestly, it's obvious why. They're well-priced, formulated with innovative technology, and the packaging? Talk about beautiful. If you're not over the Korean beauty trend just like us, then we have some products for you to try out! We did some testing and rounded up the beauty products that you absolutely HAVE to try for yourself. 

Unless you've somehow banked hundreds of dollars on an airplane ticket, you might not be heading to Seoul anytime soon. But we bet you're tempted to get a flight! So, we found an online shop selling Korean beauty products offered at great discounts! Get your shopping cart ready — these are going to change your life. 

Yef Philippines is an online shopping store selling skin care and cosmetic products mostly from Korea. They offer the best products at a low price and assures the best quality. They constantly add new brands and products that aren't in the market yet. Now, let's see what we got!

From left to right:

Karadium Pucca Love Edition Pen Eyeliner in Brown (₱ 290.00) — Did you notice that Koreans, even with makeup, look so naturally beautiful? Their secret in achieving that look is by using brown eyeliner instead of a black one. What we love about this product is that it has a thick consistency and its color pops out naturally, but on the down side, it's not waterproof and can easily be removed by only using water.

Karadium Shining Pearl Shadow Stick in Daily Brown (₱ 360.00)  If you've been taking a long time blending your eyeshadow, then we suggest trying an eyeshadow stick. The color is long-lasting. It's easy to apply and convenient to bring wherever you go. This particular product moisturizes the eyes while giving it a luminous, silky finish.

TonyMoly Egg Pore Blackhead Steam Balm (₱ 340.00)  All I can say is that the packaging is freaking adorable! Well aside from its exceptional packaging, it also does its purpose. It doesn't remove your blackheads in an instant though. You have to use it for a couple of times to get rid of the blackheads. Don't be shocked when it heats up because that gives the sign that the product is working.

TonyMoly Panda's Dream White Sleeping Pack (₱ 660.00)  This sleeping pack is something similar to night creams that we are familiar with. One of the surprising features of this sleeping pack is that it absorbs really quickly, yet contains a lot of water and fruit extracts. Within seconds, the product was completely absorbed, leaving the skin feeling hydrated without being too moist. It's a great product to help restore the hydration to the skin after using cleansers and makeup removers.

From left to right:

THE SAEM Natural Gold Kiwi Mask Sheet (₱ 69.00) — This face mask moisturizes and brightens up the skin. What's interesting about it is that it contains kiwi extract full of vitamins and nutrients giving the skin a vivid glow. You won't feel the effect instantly but it somehow does the work.

Forencos 7 Days Masks (₱ 99.00)  This face mask is just like the usual ones that gives you that afterglow. If you are a Song Joong Ki fan, then it is a must have since the packaging has his face! Among all the face masks, I recommend the Friday mask since it contains gold nutrients which can improve skin's elasticity, texture, and tone.

DEWYTREE Real Gold Black Pearl Eye Patch (₱ 790.00) — Late nights? Us too. Whether you've been binging on TV series or spending hours on homework, for sure, eye bags will greet you the morning after. Applying this eye patch will help moisturize the eyes, aid in reducing wrinkles, and minimize eye bags. 

Yef Philippines has a new giveaway for you and your best friends! You can win K-Beauty goodies worth P15,000! Go check their Instagram for more details on how to join! 

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