Tuesday, July 18, 2017

What Makeup Looks Should You Try Next?

We love/hate it when we discover new beauty sites that carry products we couldn't find in the country but have been wanting to get. If you're on the hunt for products you see from your favorite Western YouTubers, or skincare from your Korean idols, this site is for you. Calyxta is every woman's on- and off-line authority source for aspirational yet attainable beauty. Calyxta carries products that are suitable for the Filipina and Asian skin. They have makeup from Milani, COSRX, Hourglass, and a lot more! We are sure to splurge every time we would drop by the site. 

Aside from being an online store, Calyxta also works as an e-commerce platform as well as gathers "beauty involvers" — from professionals to consumers — to share their knowledge and passion for all things beauty. You can find beauty features and helpful guides and tutorials, from makeup hacks to DIY beauty tips and tricks, and the latest beauty must-haves. Perfect for those who are just getting the hang of makeup! Or those who want to look into trying new products out.

We attended a workshop hosted by Calyxta with Manila's most sought-after celebrity makeup artist, Jigs Mayuga, themed Color Me Gorgeous. We were really excited to go to this event and see him in action since he is one of our favorite makeup artists. He showed us how to do 5 simple beauty looks perfect for the Filipina skin which are trending this fall/winter season!

1. Ethereal 

Look heaven sent with over-the-top strobing techniques 

2. Reinvented Smokey Eye

An update on the classic smokey eye with the use of grey eye shadows and hyper-pigmented eyeliner. 

3. Pop of Color

Add a pop of color with two-tone eye shadow to complement a neutral lip and subtle contour. 

4. Straight Brows 

Achieve natural looking brows with the use of a feathering technique. 

5. Just Kissed Lips

Break conventions with imperfect lip application and look like you just made out.

We'll definitely try out these makeup looks and hopefully rock it!

For further information, please visit http://www.calyxta.com

Much love,
Candis & Daphne

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