Wednesday, August 24, 2016

On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

For most of us ladies, our childhoods were painted with pink — not to go by gender stereotypes but merely looking back into ours and hearing stories from friends, we know the emotional attachment, memories, and even sentiments most women associate with the color. To go by a more general perspective, pink symbolizes sweetness, playfulness, cuteness, romance, charm, femininity, and tenderness. It is associated with flowers, little girls, and cotton candy. The color pink is the color of universal love of oneself and of others. It is a positive color inspiring warm and comforting feelings, a sense that everything will be okay. Aesthetics-wise aside, the color pink does capture a lot of the things we want in life!

And, finally, a lot more have been enlightened of the beauty underlying our color of focus for today. Have you noticed that pastel pink has taken over as one of the biggest color trends? We've spotted pink dresses, pink outerwear, pink coords, and even basic pink athleisure on the fall runways amongst many others. Pink is back, but it's no longer the fluffy Barbie girl dreams (although it could be if you do so wish) — it takes the more minimalistic and contemporary vibe today. It's more familiar as the perfect pastel tone that lies somewhere between dusty rose and neutral light cream. With all aforementioned associations with pink alongside its uproar in the fashion scene possibly reinforcing said associations, there's not much room left to reason out why we shouldn't start working pink into our sartorial selections, as doing so may allow us to embrace ourselves for something more than just our color preference! Read on for how we came about styling our pink outfits!

Lauren: It wasn't until I purposefully rummaged my closet for pink pieces that I realized I needed more of them (this coat is even my mom's) because truth be told, albeit I used to be that little girl whose favorite outfit (which she wore out as much as she could) was all-pink comprised of a sparkly t-shirt, hoodie, jogging pants, roller skates, and a small fluffy bag; that little girl who dreamt of having a bedroom lined with pink fluff; that little girl who'd be urged to include Legally Blonde whenever the family goes out at night to rent movies; I have a numerable amount of pink pieces in my closet as of the moment. I found myself purchasing more of these thereafter my realization, as if I felt like I was neglecting a part of myself and doing so would be redeeming. It only goes to show that with my sparkly, fluffy pink background, I've grown to always identify myself with pink. Even though at some point in time I've seemingly outgrown it, the fascination has been ingrained in me; and it felt only right to rekindle and recapture it into the now.

Candis: Aside from white clothes, I also love wearing pink not because of the gender stereotype that every girl's favorite color is pink but it suits my skin tone well. It gives me a natural glow just like white does. So darlings, find a color that gives you that natural glow and invest on it. You might notice that the skirt I'm wearing looks familiar right? It was worn by Lauren on this post. We accidentally loved the same item while shopping at SM because we saw a model wearing it during the fashion show. Also, buy a bag that looks chic and spacious, just like the bag I'm using. It may seem that it an only hold a few items but in reality, you can throw a lot of stuff in it, which I love in a bag. It can also be easily matched with any outfit. Just like this post.

Daphne: I believe everyone has to have some pink in their closet, even the guys! Anything pink can make your outfit look more polished. These pink culottes are the perfect ones you can wear to an event you are not actually sure if it's formal or casual. The color makes the look seem more sophisticated, even when paired with sneakers. Since I decided to put on my go-to Supergas, which are so overused and rugged, I went for a black choker top to balance out the lightness in my whole look. The trick here is to keep the rest of your outfit neutral. A pink piece looks most modern when paired with black, white and gray staples. I also went for a sling bag that has the touches of pink and black to compliment my outfit.

Hope you liked today's post! :)

On Lauren: Bottomline top, Uniqlo pants, unknown coat, Sunnies sunglasses, Charles & Keith bag, Comfort Plus shoes
On Candis: Lola & Daisies top, SM Skirt, Charles and Keith bag, River Island mandals
On Daphne: Inces top, Copper culottes, Stradivarius bag, Sunnies sunglasses, Superga shoes


  1. I love pink! Great ootd :)
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  2. You guys are absolutely adorable! XO

  3. What a beautiful shoot

    1. Thank you so much Olga! Special thanks to our aspiring photographer friend too, Mikee Young! :D

  4. You are so beautiful! I love each of your outfit <3

    xx, BBB

  5. OMG these pics are so cute xx